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To Our Traffic Management Customers,

We have added the following statement to our page because like you we try and keep our customers then something happens, and they leave and take the work with them.

Here at BTM, we are stating for the record that we will never take away any contracts or work relating to TM, all we are seeking from you is your hire of our products. We are not interested in your clients, they are yours, and you will be ours. Any enquiries relating to future hire with your clients will be directed back to you, we will never discuss our prices with them.

We want you to have the confidence in us so that we build up our relationship with each other, we like you do not want you going elsewhere, we want you to stay with us.

This is NOT a marketing strategy we will keep to our statement above; we will never seek to take your clients from you. We will always redirect them back to you as they are your client not ours. Therefore don’t be apprehensive when looking to hire barriers and fences from us we will keep to our word, because we all talk to each other and if we took clients then we wouldn’t have any TM companies hiring from us, to be honest that’s all we want is your hire. email

Water Filled Barrier